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Wedding Invitations

Congratulations! You are finally engaged to the love of your life. The happy tears and excitement have eased a bit, and the anxiety of wedding planning has set in. One of the initial steps towards this process are the wedding invitations. This is a very important aspect because your wedding invitations will set the tone for the entire celebration. Besides providing crucial information about where and when the event will take place, your guests will also get an initial impression of your wedding theme and style. There are countless options: type of paper, fonts, printing techniques, designs, trim, formats, accessories--just to name a few. There is no reason to panic, you have come to the right place. We have made it simple to know all the choices that are available to you. Take your time, browse through our site and soon you will know everything that you wanted to know (and didn't care to know) about wedding invitations.

Wording for Wedding Invitations

The wording of a wedding invitation is what indicates the formality of the wedding. It provides details about the event and it is the initial mood setter. A wedding invitation generally includes important information, such as, who is getting married, when and where the wedding is taking place. As long as the crucial facts are given, the rest of the wording is simply a matter of preference. No matter the formality of the event, it is always in good taste to consider good etiquette a wedding invitation wording.

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Different Wedding Invitation Styles

The style of the wedding invitation is a personal preference of the bride and groom (even though his input might be limited). There really is no wrong choice. It is always good to pick a style of invitation that is a favorable representation of the couple's general style, and the decorum of the wedding. Whether it is printed or handwritten, has pocket folds or laser cut, creative or simple, the style of the wedding invitation is one of the first impressions that guests get of your wedding day.

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Wedding Invitation Printing

It is amazing to know there are so many ways to print wedding invitations. To the untrained eye, the outcome is simply the same, ink on paper. In reality the process of printing techniques are vastly different, as is the end result. Thermography, letterpress, blind letterpress, foil stamping, lithography, embossing, debossing and digital printing are all choices for printing but the final decision is dependent on availability of time, consideration of cost, paper in use and visual preference.

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Wedding Invitation Structure & Details

A wedding invitation and envelope have simple structures. They include critical information regarding your event--who the party is for, what the purpose is, where the event is being held, when the event is to take place and by when a response should be sent. No matter what the style of the wedding, the wedding invitation needs to include every piece of information mentioned above. It can be embelished (don't overdoe it), but should have this minimum information.

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