Wedding Invitation Trim Options

Wedding invitation have many trim options. Choices are completely dependent on visual preference. A simple change in the trim of an invitation can change the look of it. Here is a list of trim choices.

Square corners

Square corners on an invitation are simply sharp edges. Its classic look makes it a great choice for most wedding invitations. It is clean cut and appealing to the eyes.

An example of embossed card stock

Rounded corners

Round corners on an invitation are an option for couples who prefer the delicate look only they can provide. The rounded corners give the invitation a softer appearance and a simple way to make the invitation special.

An example of rounded corner trim


The bracket trim has round edges but also points on all sides. The bracket trim give the invitation character, and is a great way to make your invitation stand out without much effort. The bracket trim is an ideal choice for anyone who likes the look.


The ticket trim has straight sides but the edges of the invitation are curved in, this makes the invitation have the look of a..., well, a ticket. This trim choice is for any couple and any type of event. The ticket trim is simply another choice for your invitation.


The scallop trim is one with small curves around the invitation. This trim can have a variation of little curves: all equal in size or different combinations of different sizes, as well as smooth or uneven. In any case, the scallop trim has a delicate look and is great for any occasion.

An example of scalloped border

Backing Cards

Backing cards are larger cards that are attached to the back of the card with print. This is normally a paper with a different color from the top card. Options for a backing card are endless and it is a great way to add some color to your invitation without messing with the legibility of the print.

Pocket card

Pocket cards are ideal for invitations that include several inserts along with the invitation, such as, a respond card, directions, rehearsal dinner information, hotel accommodations, wedding website information or anything else. The pocket will make sure all the inserts are organized and not overwhelming to the recipient.

Flat card

A flat card is any wedding invitation that doesn't have any folds. A flat card is a great choice for any event, big or small, simple or fancy. They can be made to be simple as well as extravagant. There are choices for paper, color, trim and accessories to create the look that's ideal for any wedding.