Styles of Wedding Invitations

What is your style? Do you like simple and straight forward? Or do you prefer extravagant and luxury? Or is it something in between? Well, no matter what your personal wedding invitation preference, there are choices to be made. The style of the wedding invitation is first decision. Even though most wedding invitation are simply printed invitation, there are a few other choices to consider, such as laser cut, craft style, handmade or with pocket folds. Read on to see exactly which would be the ideal choice for your big day.

Printed Wedding Invitations

Printed wedding invitations are basically paper with writing. It fulfils its purpose without any unnecessary designs, but it is in no means boring. Simple printed wedding invitations are a wonderful choice for couples who like simple as well as the extravagant.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Laser cut wedding invitations have small and delicate shapes cut out to create a romantic look. These wedding invitations are an elegant choice.

An example of laser-cut wedding invitation

Wedding Invitation with Pictures

Wedding invitations with pictures are a beautiful way to personalize. A picture of the couple, romantic scene or something meaningful makes the invitation unique and special.

Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

Pocketfold invitations are printed invitations that are fitted inside a pocket or sleeve. The pocketfold option is also a neater way to include respond cards, maps and invitations translated in other languages while the main invitation is on the opposite side of the fold.

An example of a handmade wedding invitation

Creative Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitation don't necessary have to be simple paper and an envelope. There are so many creative choices to let your guests know about your wedding. How about a candy wrapper? How about balloons? Puzzles? Pop-ups? Box of chocolate? Board games? I mean the possibilities are endless.

Handmade Wedding Invitations

Handmade wedding invitation are not what you are expecting, it is a wonderful way to get involved in the beginning stages of your wedding planning. Handmade invitations can vary anywhere between handwriting every single invitation by a calligraphist or yourself to simply adding lace around each invitation for that extra attention to detail.