Wedding Invitation Paper Variety & Folding Options

Once the search for a wedding invitation begins, it doesn't take long for a couple to realize the options available to them are almost endless. This also holds true with the type of paper and how it is folded. Some choices seem to go hand in hand while others may not. Each option may have benefits, such as durability or elegance, and some drawbacks, such as cost or availability. Ideally, it's best to decide what aspect is most important to you, and then see what your options are. Here is a list of everything you need to know about your wedding invitation paper and folding options.

Types of Paper

Needless to say, an invitation needs paper. There is a vast variety of option for the paper used in making a wedding invitation. Here is a list of popular, and not-so-popular wedding invitation paper choices.

Surface Treatment

Folding Styles

If flat invitation is not your cup of tea, then there are of course more options. Folded invitations are a wonderful way to have a separate page for the printed material while other pages are dedicated to design or a color of choice. The types of folds are listed here: fold, tri-fold, gate-fold, petal fold, and z-fold.


Folded invitations are referred to invitations with a single fold. Wedding information is normally printed on the inside of the fold. A couple can simply choose folded invitations because they like the look or need it for practical reasons. Folded invitations are a great way to protect the ink from smearing (for certain types of printing, see printing techniques) and great for invitations that include two different languages.

An example of trifold style


Tri-fold invitations have two folds that create three equal parts with two flaps overlapping one another.


Gate-fold consists of two folds with two side flaps half the size of the middle page. The gate-fold invitation looks like a gate with two doors opening to possibly show the invitation wording on the inside. A gate-fold invitation goes beautifully with a color coordinated belly band.

An example of gate-fold style

Pochettes (petal fold)

The petal fold, sometimes known as pochettes, have four flaps that fold into each other making it look like a flower. The petal fold wedding invitation is a beautiful choice.

An example of Z-fold style


The z-fold is when the wedding invitation has two folds which create three equal pieces that fold on opposite sides of the middle section making it look like a z from the side.


Pocketfold invitations are printed invitations that are fitted inside a pocket or sleeve. The pocketfold option is also a neater way to include respond cards, maps and invitations translated in other languages while the main invitation is on the opposite side of the fold.