Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Once you have decided on a perfect wedding invitation, selecting the envelope will be simple. There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on an envelope: the size, type of paper, the flap, and the lining. Even though, the choices seem simple enough, they may make a bold statement. No matter what the choice, the envelope should complement the wedding invitation.


Consider envelopes to be 1/4" bigger than both sides of the invitation. For example, if your invitation is 5" x 7", your envelope should be 5.25" x 7.25".


Envelopes come in a variety paper choices, there is a general rule that the envelope paper should be consistent with the wedding invitation. This of course, is not always the case, sometimes an envelope is completely different than the invitation. If the envelope paper and the wedding invitation paper go well together and complement each other, then that's the right choice.


The cotton envelope is a luxurious choice. It is elegant and soft to the touch. It will easily impress your most meticulous guests. The cotton envelope would be a great choice as the first impression of an elegant wedding.

An example of cotton card stock


Linen envelopes are a classic choice. They have the look of linen cloth and are somewhat rough and textured to the touch. Linen envelopes provide a great option for the couple looking for elegance without being elaborate.


Felt envelopes is strong and durable, yet it is flexible and soft to the touch. It is an elegant choice as well as a vintage charm. Felt paper envelopes are a great for a couple looking for timeless luxury.


Metallic envelopes are great choice for the couple looking who prefer the glossy look. Metallic envelopes can be embossed metallic, which is paper with carved or molded designs or pearlescent metallic, which resembles the look of pearls.


Parchment envelopes are made to look like the ancient paper made by animal skin. Parchment paper is ideal for the couple interested in the classic style it offers. Vellum- Vellum is simply parchment paper made from calf skin. Modern day Vellum is an imitation of this and is made to look like "Vellum Paper" using plasticized cotton. It is thin and translucent.


Cardstock envelopes are the sensible choice for a down to earth wedding. Cardstock paper is thick and durable and it gets the job done, without all the extras.

Wood Grain Embossed

Wood grain embossed paper is cardstock paper that is carved to look like wood grain. It has a texture similar to wood grain.


Recycled envelopes are a wonderful choice for the environmentally conscious couple. Recycled envelopes, much like recycle paper, has a similar look to craft paper but a little bit rougher between the fingers.


Glassine envelopes are shiny, semi-transparent and strong. Even though, these are not generally used as an outer envelope due to their transparency, they make a beautiful choice for inner envelopes.


The flap of an envelope performs a simple task which is closing the envelope. Even though its purpose remains the same, its look can vary.

Euro flap

Euro flap or deep neck flap is the term used to describe the flap of the envelope which drops lower down and closer to the bottom of the envelope. This gives the envelope a distinguished and elegant look. An example of Euro-flap envelope

Square flap

Square flap envelopes have flaps that are clean cut and straight. They are a wonderful choice for both inner and outer envelopes and have a great look of importance.

Pointed flap

Pointed flap envelope is the envelope with a flap that is pointed in the middle. The pointed flap is a classic look and is a great choice for any couple who prefer the look. An example of pointed-flap envelope


Envelopes with an extra paper on the inside. The liner can simply have a little shimmer or be a different color but it can also have a picture or a design. A different color liner gives an unexpected personality to the envelope.

Inner envelopes

Double envelopes are an old tradition with an interesting history. There is an inner envelope with the wedding invitation, rsvp card, directions and map inside which is then inserted in an outer envelope. The inner envelope is a bit more elegant than the outer envelope and does not have glue to be closed.